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What is The Human Genome Project?
A project to sequence the entire human genome (the DNA in all of the chromosomes)- rought draft published in 2001
What is genetic testing?
Examining a person's DNA to detect abnormalities that could lead to diseases.
Some ethical issues of genetic testing?
-Newborn screening could start privacy issues, and discrimination.
-Abortion of baby with "undesirable" traits
-Can show unwanted information
What is bioengineering?
Genetically modified subjects.
-using animals to grow organs for transplants. GMO, salmon and tomatoes to survive better
Some ethical issues of bioengineering?
-Not yet known if it is harmful to consumers
-Animal welfare issues and other moral objections to use animal organs for human transplants
What is cloning?
Creating another organism with the exact genetic copy of another.
What are stem cells?
Unspecialized cells with the potential to develop into any kind of cell.
Stem cells can be used to grow organs for people in need of transplants. But why is it so controversial?
People oppose creating or destroying embryos for any purpose.
What is therapeutic cloning?
Producing human embryos for research. Stem cells can be taken from embryos and be used to grow tissues and organs for patients in need.
What is reproductive cloning?
Production of a new animal with the same nuclear "DNA as another animal.
What is gene therapy?
Technology used to fix a genetic disorder. Adding a corrected copy of a gene may help affected cells to work right.
Gene therapy in germ cells?
Genes in an egg, sperm or embryo would be changed so that all of the resulting cells in the person would be permanently changed.
What are eugenics?
Negative- removing "bad" genes from pop.
Positive- Add "good" genes to a pop. w/ selective breeding