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what drugs bind to g protein coupled receptors
opioids, cannabinoids, GHB, LSD
what drugs bind to ionotropic receptors and ion channels
nicotine, alcohol, benzo, phenylcyclidine, ketamine
drugs that bind to transporters of biogenic amines
cocaine, amphetamines, ecstasy
what is the MOA of acute alcohol intoxication
inhibits NMDA channel opening and enhances GABA
what is the MOA of chronic alcohol
increases NMDA receptor and decrease GABA
what is the purpose of using Naltrexone
reduced alcohol and opiate cravings and relapse
what are five factors that precipitate violence
intoxication, hallucination or delusions, poor impulse control due to neuro psych, character pathology chaotic ER
what are the drugs of choice for tx violent behavior in the ER
Benzo (lorazepam), typical antipsychotic (haloperidol, thorazine -aka chlorpromazine), atypical antipsychotic (ziprazidone, olanzapine)
what are the different scores on a MMSE and what do they mean
24-30 depressed without dementia
20-24 cognitive impairment
<20 dementia, delerium, schizo, MR, affective disorders
what dz causes: hyperthermia, hyperreflexia, hypOtension, diaphoresis, confusion, and tremor
can lead to DIC or CV collapse
serotonin syndrome
what dz is this: fever. hypotension, diaphoresis, and death ..all secondary to psychotic process
lethal catatonia
what is the treatment for lethal catatonia
fluids, electrolytes, nutrition, antipsychotic ( lorazepam)
what does MAOI and tyramine interaction cause
htn crisis
what is the treatment for MAOI and tyramine interaction
1. Nifedipine, 2. phenolamine 3. chlorpromazine
what are the levels of triage for potentially dangerous patients
level 1: not actively dangerous
level2: suicide precautions, assault precautions
level three: requires seclusion or restraint, in danger of hurting others or self
__ ___ is the numer of ppl with illness at a specific point in time / total pop
point prevalence
____: quality f the measurements precision. Can be reproduced
in studies of ____ sensitivity is a measure of the number of true cases
__ ___: number of events or conditions of interest
numerator data
__ __: number of ppl in pop of interest at risk of having an event
denominator data
what two factors represent frequency:
incidence and prevalence
what determines the burden of disease
prevalence= incidence X duration
___: the number of events in a defined time period divided by the avg pop at risk
outbreak vs epidemic
outbreak is localized and epidemic doesn't follow usual rate- it is in a widespread area