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Tundra (5)
-found in artctic/high elevation
-permafrost underlies tundras
-plants grow in summers/melt frost
-lowland arctic tundra=wet
-animals in summer or dormant
Tropical Alpine Tundra (2)
-not underlain by permafrost
-photosynthesis all year and more plant forms
Boreal Forest (6)
-South of tundra biome/lower elevation on temperate zone mountains
-summer=short and warm, winter=long and cold
-favor trees with evergreen leaves
-few tree species
-n. hemisphere=coniferous gymnosperms
-s. hemisphere forests = beech trees
Temperate deciduous forest (5)
-Eastern N America, eastern asia and western europe
-temperature fluctuation drastic
-precipitation evenly distributed
-deciduous trees=no leaves in winter
-more trees than boreal
Temperate Grassland (4)
-many parts of the world
-rich in species of perennial grass, sedge and forbs
-adapted to grazing and fire
-most converted to agriculture
Cold Desert (4)
-dry regions at middle to high latitudes
-high altitudes in rain shadows
-seasonal temp vary greatly
-seed producing plants birds ants and rodents common
Hot Desert (5)
-30 north and south
-central australia and sahra=dryest
-richer and more diverse vegetation than cold cept in dryest areas
-succulant plants
-annuals geminate and grow during rainfall
Chaparral (3)
-meditteranean, coastal cali, central chili
-small seed eating rodents
-low growing shrubs and trees with evergreen leaves
Thorn Forests-3
-equatorial sides of hot deserts
-no rain in winter but sometimes heavy in summer
-spiny shrubs and small trees (acacia)
-dry tropical and subtropical regions of africa, SA and australia
-grassland and scattered trees
-huge numbers of grazing and browsing mammals
Tropical deciduous forest-6
-found closer to equatore than thorn forests
-long summer rainy season
-moderate specie plant richness
-high specie richness for mammals birds reptiles and amphibians
-best soils in tropics for agriculutre
-most soils cleared
Tropical Evergreen Forest
-equatorial rainfall exceeds 2.5m/year
-richest in BOTH plant and animal
-productivity highest in terrestrial communities