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What terms are used to describe GI bleeding?
Melena, Hematochezia, Hematamesis
What symptoms are suggestive of UTI?
Painful burning sensations, incontinence, etc
What are the causes of stress, urge, overflow, and functional incontinence?
Stress: increased intrabdominal pressure
Urge: smooth muscles (involuntary) overactivity "detrusers"
Overflow: Urinary tension
Functional incontinence: Functional disability
What is the differential diagnosis of painful and painless hematuria?
Painful: Stones, UTI
PainLESS: CANCER: bladder, Kidney
What is the difference between risky or hazardous and harmful drinking?
What are the serious complications of Hepatitis B virus infection?
Chronically: Cerosis, or LV Cancer
At what age does the colorectal cancer start?
Avg risk: 50
Family history: 40
What is the correct sequence of the abdominal examination?
Inspection, Auscultation (BEFORE touching), Palpation, Percussion
Which element of the physical examination on the abdomen generates most information?
Definition or indication of Blumberg's sign, Murphy's punch sign, McBurney's sign, Rovsing's sign, and Murphy's sign?
Blumberg: rebound tenderness
Murphy's Punch: kidney infection (pylonephritis)
McBerney's: Apendicitis
Rovsing's: Apendicitis
Murphy's: cholecystitis
How is ascites clinically assessed?
Percussion: shifting dullness
What are the causes of loss of libido and ED?
Psychological, endocrine dysfunction, medication side effects