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What is the biosphere?
The biosphere is the thin layers of air, land, and water that is home to all living things.
What are organisms?
All living things are called orgamisms.
What is spontaneous generation?
the process by which life begins when ethers enter nonliving things.
What is biogenesis?
the principle that life comes only from life. bio means life and genesis means beginning.
What is a cell?
the bacis unit of organisms in all living things.
What are tissues?
made up of cells working togther to perform a spacific function.
What are organs?
made up of several diferent types of tissuesthat function together for a spacific purpose.
What is a predator?
an organism that kills and eats another organism.
What is Prey?
the organism that is eaten.
What is the scientific method?
involves making presictions, designing an experiment to test those predictions, making careful observations of that experiment, and interperting those obstrvations.