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What is population level?
Population, species, community, ecosystem
What is biology?
Biology is the study of life. And though all livingthings share certain characteristics they are quite diverse so they are characterised into six kingdoms.
What is evolution?
evolution is the idea that a prosess called natural selection takes place, simple those organisms whose characteristics make them better able to survive the challenges of their environment live to reproduce, passing their favorable characteristics to their offspring.
What is the flow of Energy?
All of the energy used by most organisms comes from the sun and is gradually used up as it passes in one direction through ecosystems.
What is cooperation?
Ex. changes in flowers influenced the insect evolution and in turn, changes in isects influencced flower evolution this is example andt he symbiosis of other organisms is responsible for much of life's great diversity.
Structure determines function.
This is one of most obcious lessons of biology is that biological structures are very well suited to there functions.
What is deductive reasoning?
Deductive reasoning is using general principle to make everydday decisions.
What is inductive reasoning?
In ductive reasoning is when you make observations of specific events and using those observations to conclude at a general principle.
What is the scientific method?
The scientific method is a way of investagating someting to come to a general conclusion about it.
what does the scientific metod intail?
It includes an observation, hypothesis(s) which are educated guesses about what is happening. Then the experiment is conducted which is a test in which there are mutiplated varibles.
What is a experiment?
A experiment is a general test of the hypothesis. In any test there are factors that might influence the outcome called varibles. To test an hypothesis about one varible, all the other varibles must be kept constant. and there must be a control group where all varibles are kept as natural as possible and there must be a experimental group where all varibles except the one being evaluated are kept constant
What is a theory?
A theory is an once hypothesis that has been tested over and over and supported by scientific evidence and is then thought to be truth.