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Who kind of Monk was Gregor MEndel
Franciscan Monk
What did Gregor Mendel do?
compared rapidly growing pea plants
Unit or factors that carry traits
Trait that is always expressed... How is it expressed
Dominant captial letter
trait that is hidden by dominant traits.. How is it expressed
Recessive Lowercase letter
self fertilized pants with the samr traits generation after generation
True Breeding or Pure Breed
2 parents w/ different traits are crossed
Cross fertilized or Hybrid
gene that codes for specific trait
How many Alleles do you get from each parent
when both ALLeles are identical
Homozygous.. GG
when Allels are not identical
Heterozygous.. Gg
combonation of genes/ Alleles
: what the DNA says
physical traits that are shown
How many Chromosomes do humans have? How many do you get from each parent
HOw many pairs of chromosomes are similar in structure?
22- the 23rd pair are the sex chromosomes
What will influence the phenotype or physical characteristics
Genes and environment
person that appears to be "normal," but carries the trait
What are sex linked traits
traits that are carried on the X chromosomes
What are females sex chromosomes
Male chromosomes
What are some examples of sex linked traits
hemophilia, color blindnes, male patteren baldness,
Who determines the sex of the off spring and why
MAle bacause they give either X or Y
2 or more traits that may be expressed at the same time (neither trait is dominant over the other)
Which blood types are codominant? which is recessive
A&B: O
A blood types are...
A = AA or AO
B = BB or BO
O = OO most common blood type in USA
genes pairs that are neither dominant or reciessive
Incomplete Dominance
each of the 2 alleles for a trait seperate during meiosis
Law of Segregation
>Alleles for a trait sort independently of genesfor other traits w/o regaurd to their origin
> Not all the chromosomes from a particular parent will end up in the same sperm or egg
Law of Independent Assortment
process of cellular division which the chromosomes separate
tetrads line up in the middle of the cell
each chromosome seeks out the homologous chromosome and pair up to form a tetrad
Prophase I
portions of chromosomes overlap, break off, and reattach to the other sister chromatid
Crossing over
homologous chromosomes separate
Anaphase I
nuclear envelope partially reforms and the cell membrane separates
TelophaseI and Cytokinesis
2 cells go through this, but there is no DNA replication
Meiosis II
spindle fibers form
centrials move to opposite ebds of the cell
Prophase II
sister chromatids lineup in the niddle of the cell
Metaphase II
halfthe number of original chromosomes
>nuclear membrane reforms
>cell membrane pinches off
>4 new different cels are produced
>Each cell is hapliod
Telophase II and Cytokinesis
Name the stages of Meiosis I
Prophase I
Metaphase I
Anaphase I
Telophase I and Cytokinesis
Name the Stages of Meiosis II
Prophase II
Metaphase II
Anaphase II
Telophase II and Cytokinesis