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individuals that are better suited to the environment to survive and reproduce
natural selection
many living things become extinct at one time
mass extinction
change in dna sequence that affects genital information
change in a kind of organism over time process by which modern organism have decended from ancient organisms
diagram that shows the evolutionary relationships among a group of organisms
determining the age of a fossil by comparing its placement w/fossil fuels in other layers of rock
relative dating
micro organisms having resistance to antibiotics to do its job
antibiotic resistance
selection by humans for breeding use of trait from natural variation among different organisms
artificial selection
antibiotics to resist chemicals
pesticide resistance
study of embryos
study of the shape of organisms
studying the structure of dna
dna analysis
info about past life
fossil record
# of times an allele occurs in a gene pool w/# of times other allels for same gene
allele frequency
group of species that live in the same area
calculate the age of sample based on amount of remaining radioactive isotopes it contains
radioactive dating
difference in traits in organisms
group of individuals that can produce fertile offspring