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Recessive- Somewhere between1st and 2nd chromosome. One in 20 white americans carries the recessive allele._________ results in the formation and accumulation of thick mucas in the lungs an digestive track.
Cystic Fibrosis
Recessive disorder- In _______, a recessive allele results in the absence of an enzyme that normally breaks down a lipid produced and stored in tissues of the central nervous system.
Tay Sachs
Recessive disorder that results from the absence of an enzyme that converts one amino acid, Phenolalanine, to a different amino acid , Thyrosine.
Lethal genetic disorder caused by a rare dominant allele. It results a break down of certain areas of the brain.
Huntington's Disease
~Heterois intermediate between those of the 2 homo. (averages)
~Everything is capitol because nothing is recessive.
Incomplete Dominance
Both alleles are expressed equally
~Trait Controlled by more than 2 alleles.
~Study Whole Population
~Depends on what you enherit
~Over a whole population there are many different colors/choices.
Multiple Alleles
Traits controlled by genes on sex-chromosomes.
Sex-Linked Traits
~Put allele directly on x-Chromosome
~23rd pair- Sex Chromosome
Sex Linked Inheritance
~Continus range of a phentotype
~3 genes control height and 2 alleles control plant weight.
Polygenic Inheritance
~Pretty Common
~Autosomal Recessive Disorder
~Biconcave Disc
~Hemogloban carry's oxygen to tissue, gives oxygen off @ tissues, picks up carbon dioxide & takes to lungs to breath
~People have shorter life spans, anemic, and achy joints
~No treatment
Sickle Cell Anemia
A protein on the Red Blood Cell
In Liquid part (serium/plasma)
Blood Doesnt Clot
Abnormal numbers of chromosomes
Breed for things we like
Selective Breeding
Prove animal had been breed with a known homozygous recessive animal.
Test Cross
3 steps to make a trangenic organism:
1. Find the foreign DNA to be used
2. Attach the DNA to a vector that will introduce the DNA segment to the host
3. Transfer the DNA vehicle into the host organism
How We Do it?
1. Restriction enzyme cut the DNA at a specefic nucleotide sequence.
2. New piece is introduced by a vector to carry the pieces to Host Cell.
3. Insert into another cell & the DNA rejoins.
Application of this knowledge to help our world:
1. Industry- break downs oil pollutants
2. medicine- human disease treatment and transgenic animals to study resistance.
3. Agriculture- Bigger, better, more.
Why do we want to know about the Human Genome Project?
1. Diagnosis of Genetic disorder or disease
2. Gene therapy
3. DNA Fingerprinting