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Functions of the bone:
-support -movement
-blood cell formation
Bone is:
Connective Tissue
Bone contains:
-ground substance
-protein fibers
3 specialized cells found in the matrix
-osteoblast-makes bone
-osteoclasts-takes bone away
-osteocyte-monitors bone health
How is bone formed?

Way 1
Intramembranous ossification
1)formation of bone in skull
2)starts w/membrand
3)forms bone sandwich-diploe
4)allows for skull growth w/o extreme weight
How is bone formed?

Way 2
Endochondrial Ossification
1/starts w/ a cartilage model
2)process begins by encasing diaphysis in bone
3)shortly after birth the ends are turned from carilage to bone
What's needed to make bones grow?
1/it's stimulated by the growth hormone in the pituitary gland
2/sex hormones estrogen and testosterone
3/adequate calcium & phosphorus
4/vitamin d
5/vitamin c
Where do bones grow
epiphyseal plate

bones grow in width at any time(appositional growth)

damage to plates can stop growth