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what are the water soluble vitamins?
niacin, b vitamins, pantonic acid, folic acid, biotin, c
what is Na mineral help
muscle contraction
what is iron mineral help?
component of hemoblobin
what is iodine mineral help?
component of thyroxine
what is calcium mineral help?
muscle contraction and blood clotting
what is k mineral help?
muscle and nerve function
what organelles are for cellular respiration and photosynthesis and how many membranes do they have?
mitochondria, chloroplasts and both have two membranes
where does conversion of dna to mrna occur?
what are the componenets of dna and rna?
nitrogen base, phospate group, and pentose sugar ribose or deoxyribose
what is the ph of gastric juice?
what is the ph of tomato juice?
what is the ph of egg white?
what is the ph of milk of magnesia?
what are the type of monosaccharides?
galactose,glucose, mannose, fructose
how many carbons in glycerol?
3 carbons
what are the fat soluble vitamins
a diet every knows