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T or F: Water molecules are neutral
What results from the oxygen atom being at one of a water molecule and the hydrogen atoms being at the other end?
Why is a water molecule polar?
There's an uneven distribution of electrons between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms
What is true about hydrogen bonds?
The attraction between the hydrogen atom on one water molecule and the oxygen atom on another water molecule is an example
is hydrogen bond stronger or weaker than ionic bonds? than covalent bonds? Are they the weakest bonds?
weaker, weaker, no, they're the strongest bonds that form between molecules
What is cohesion?
attraction between molecules of the same substance
What is adhesion?
Attraction between molecules of different substances
Why is water extremely cohesive?
because of hydreogen bonding
The rise of water in a narrow tube against the force of gravity is called...
capillary action
Why is the surface of the water in a graduated cylinder dips slightly in the center?
adhesion between the water molecules and the glass molecules are stronger than the cohesion between the water molecules
What is a mixture?
Material composed of two or more elements or compounds that are physically, not chemically mixed together
What is a suspension?
Mixture of water and nondissolved material
What is a solution?
A mixture of two or more substances with molecules that are evenly distributed throughout
Two water molecules can react to form ___
what does the pH scale indicate?
the concentration of H+ ions in solution
What are buffers?
Weak acid or bases that can react with strong acids or bases to prevent sharp, sudden changes in pH
What gives carbon the ability to form chains that are almost unlimited in length?
It can bond with other carbon atoms
Many of the molecules in living cells are so large that they are known as ...
how are macromolecules formed?
when monomers join together, what do they form?
what are polysaccharides?
large macromolecules formed from monosaccharides
the binding together of an enzyme and a substrate forms a(an) ....
enzyme-substrate complex