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Viruses are not considered to be living things because no_______, no ________, no________ and not in any ______.
no growth, no respiration, no movement and not in any kingdom
Viruses can only reproduce within a host cell-this is known as being a
obligate intracellular parasite
Viruses cause diseases such as ________, ________ and __________
mumps, measles and chicken pox
Viruses are either made of ____ OR_______ (NOT BOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Nucleic acids codes only for making _____ of the virus
What is the outside of the vrius made up of and called?
Protein, capsid
____ of ____ ____ determines what cell the virus can infect
Shape of the protein coat
Most viruses can enter and reproduce in _____ _ _____ ______ __ _____
only a few kinds of cells
Name the 5 steps of the lyctic cycle
1. Attachment
2. Entry(virus is injected)
3. Replication (host cell is destroyed and virus uses cell's material to make viral parts)
4. Assembly-new viruses are assembled
5. Release-host cell ruptures and new viruses are released
Lysogenic cycle: Viral ________ _____ is inserted into the host cell's DNA. This allows the viruse's info to be __________ along with the cells
Viral nulceic acid, replicated
This allows the virus's info to be replicated along with the cells )called a_________)
What phase can continue for many years?
the provirus
The __________ can at any time enter the lytic cycle and kill the __ __
provirus can at any time enter the LYTIC CYCLE and kill the host cell
A typical virus has a core composed of
The outer layer of a virus is composed of
An infection in which a virus makes copies of itslef and casues the host cell to burst is called
A lytic infection is quick or slow?
Why are viruses not considered to be living things?
No respiration, growth, movement, and not classified in a kingdom