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You have two sets of genes for different traits for peas.Y or y=color
R or r= skin If the parents genes are
YyRr + YyRr. What kind of ratio will you get.
9:3:3:1 ratio
What is a test cross, and what is its purpose?
A test cross is used to determine the genotype of an individual with the dominant genotype. To do this you cross the individual with the most recessive phenotype.
What soes it mean to have genes that are homozygous?
The genotype will contain the same alleles for a trait.(ex. tt, or YY)
What is the principle of dominance?
2 forms of the same gene which are present when the dominant allele is expressed.
What does it mean when genes are autosomal?
It means the genes are not sex linked.
What is Mendle's principle of segregation?
It means in meiosis two alleles separate so that each gamete recives only one form of the gene.
Who is Gregor Mendle and what is he famous for?
Mendle was a monk who studied the traits in peas.
What is the addition rule for genetics?
The addition rule is as follows; if two outcome are mutuall exclusive, the probability of either occuring is their sum.
What is pleiotopy?
It is a situation where one gene affects more than one phenotype.
What is sex linkage?
When a trait is sex linked, it will occur with greater frequency in one gender than the other.