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Name 3 things that grow from spores
Mosses, Liverwort, Ferns
Name 4 things that grow from seeds
Flowers, Trees, Grasses, Cactus
Plants originating from spores are
simple (older)
seed plants are
complex (newer)
what are 2 types of plant?
monocots and dicots
characteristics of monocots? (3)
1) 1 seed leaf
2) parallel veins
3) petals in multiples of 3
characteristics of dicots? (3)
1) 2 seed leaves
2) nettled veins
3) petals in multiples of 4&5
3 phlyum types of plants?
Bryophytes, gymnosperms, angiosperm
bryophytes are?
mosses, liverworts, (simple spores)
gymnosperms are?
reproduce with cones
conifer(pine tree)
Ginkgos, cycads
produces flowers and seeds enclosed in fruit (complex)

includes monocots and dicots

flowers, fruit trees, vegetables
Life spans...
1 year

corn, beans, squash
Life spans...
2 years

carrots, beets
Life spans...
many years

tress bushes
tissue found in vascular plants, made of sereies of DEAD cells end to end, transports water from ROOTS TO LEAVES
tissue in vasucalr plants made of LIVING cells, transports from LEAVES TO REST OF PLANT