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The movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
Hypertonic Solution
A solution with a greater concentration thatn the fluid in a cell.
Isotonic solution
A solution with the same concentration as the fluid in the cell
Hypotonic Solution
A solution with lesser concentration thatn the fluid in the cell.
Facilitated Diffusion
Movement with the concentration gradient.
Passive Transport
Movement with the concentration gradient.
Diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane.
Carrier Protein
Helps molecules move across the cell membrane.
Osmotic Pressure
Force exerted on the cell membrane due to a gain or loss of water.
Active Transport
Movement against the concentration gradient.
3 ways cells deal with osmotic pressure
Uses cell wall

Pumps out water

Baths in blood
What does Active Transport use to facilitate the movement of molecules?
Carrier proteins
In passive transport substances move ______ the concentration gradient.
The membrane of the egg represented _______ part of the cell.
The cell membrane
Does diffusion happen faster in hot water, cold water, or room temperature water?
If a cell is in a hypertonice solution which way will the water move?
Out of the cell
If a cell is in a hypotonic solution which way will the water move?
into the cell
Does active transport require energy?
What is the ONLY substance that osmosis moves?
Going from a high concentration to a low concentration means what?
That it is moving with the concentration gradient
What are the 3 types of passive transport?


Facilitated diffusion
What type of membrane does osmosis occur across?
A selectively permeable membrane
Can water pass through the mwmbrane of an egg?
If cells are trying to move particles against the concentration gradient what will they need?
Movement of molecules from area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
What is the diffusion of water across a selectively permeable membrane?
How are diffusion and osmosis different?
Osmosis only moves water over selectively permeable membranes.

Diffusion moves all other particles through different types of molecules.
What happens if a plant is put in a pot with no drainage hole?
It will die because the salt will build up in the soil
What happens to your throat when you gargle with salt water?
If your throat is swollen the swelling will go down because the salt draws the water out of the cells