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All living things are made up of what and what is the one exception?
cells exception:virile
what is the definition of a cell?
basic unit of structure and function of a living thing
what is the first recorded use of magnifying lenses?
cloth trade: magnified yard and fabric to see grade
what two instruments were produced?
microscope and telescope
What did the Janssen brothers do in 1590?
Produced compound microscope, took tube and put glass on both ends.
What did Anton Van Leeuwenhoek do in 1650?
used microscope to look at living things(animal cules) or tiny animals
what did robert hooke do in 1665?
observved cells and named them after the cells that monks stayed in
what did robert brown do in 1833?
discovered the nucleus(dark spot in the center) the core
what did matthias schleiden do?
purposed that all plants are made of cells
what did theodor schwann do in 1839?
purposed that all animals are made of cells
what did rudolf virchon do in 1855?
purposed that cells come from pre existing cells (biogenesis)
what are the three cell theorys?
1.all living things are composed of cells
2.cells are the basic structure and cunction in living thing
3.all cells come from pre existing cells
what are the two other names for the cell membrance?
plasma membrane and the plasmalemma
definition of cell membrane
boundary or barrier (holds things together)
function of cell membrane
regulates what goes in and out of a cell
what is the microvilli in the cell membrane?
cells can interlock with microvilli attach to neighboring cells; increase surface area when streched
what is the ultra structure of a cell membrane?
"fluid mosaic model"
1.bilayer of lipids=two layers of the lollipop looking things
2.globular proteins=long chain of amino acids that waded up
what are the types of globular proteins?
through and through proteins: proteins that extend all the way through the two layers of lipids
carrier molecules:transport ions through the membrane
partial proteins:dont go all the way through the membrane
where is the cell wall?
outside of the cell membrane
what are the types of cells that have cell walls?
plants, algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoa
what is the function of the cell wall?
to protect and support