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Disposable Soma Theory
major aim of the tissue system gives production to the reproduction cells--cont of species...once you reproduce don't have any purpose after that---reproduction cells cam divide infinatly...somatic cells have finite division-most complete division at birth-prone to appotosis-cellular suicide
Programmed (Neuroendocrine) Theory
this was the first theory proposed...factor that programs the aging system-chronometer (time keeper)-- this was not accepted...there are compounds and horomones-growth horomone (somatotropin)-1. high protein synthesis sarcopenia-loss of muscle mass 2. fate and carbs- allow cells to utilize it
national institute oh health 150 vol. elderly 6 mths injected w/ gh after 6 mths had to terminate the experiemnt- majority of individuals showed significant improvement
lentigo (lentigero)
senial freckles- melanocyte
binine tumor- (cutaneous tags)- promarily made up of excessive dermal connective tissue- due to hormonal imbalance w/ age
senite pruritis
cracking of the skin- due to loss of sebacous glands (less oily) can be lethal because it allows bacteria to enter
senile keratos (Actinic keratosis)
localized red areas- this can be pre-cancerous- often on male scalps
Herpes Zoster (shingles)
vericella virus- smae virus that causes chicken pox-it affects free nerve endings-virus stays on the tip og the nerve endings causing severe pain
Decubitus ulcer
common in individuals who are wheelchair bound due to lack of motility
Skin cancer
a. Basal cell carinoma
affects the basal cells- rarely malignate- cure rate is 100% if treated- can rarely penetrate to the dermal layer
Skin cancer
b. squamous cell carcinoma
they form extensions into the dermal layer- can travel to other sites through vascular system
Skin cancer
c. Melanoma
maligante because they can readily metastasize
Skin cancer
d. secondary skin cancer
cancer develops somewhere else and then can spread to the skin
Gene mutation theory
as an individual ages the frequency of genetic mutations will increase- mutations will become lethal---increase is not enough to cause death
Cross-linking theory
not sure if it responsible for aging mechanism- proteins begin to cross-link themselves to other structures- there shape changes - configuration of proetin determines it's function....collagen undergoes crosslinking w/ aging (30%) -tendons and ligaments....sclerosed- hardening of the arteries- crosslinking of elastin...type II diabetis mellitus- cross liking of colagen- don't know if it the cause or the result