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Red Drum
1. Black spot by tail
2. Not all feed on bottom, they are active pelagic feeders
Black Drum
1. Tend to be grayish with black bands
2. Whisker like barbells off of mouth which are sensory structures
3. Eats oysters and crabs, very strong jaw
Tuna, Bonita, Albacore
1. Move in big schools, primarily oceanic, very sleek streamline predators
2. Possess finlets, which can be folded down to make them more streamline
King Fish (Hake)
1. Found in the lower part of the bay
2. Single barbel and extended spine
3. Bottom feeders
Puffer Fish
1. Self-defensive spines used by inflating their bodies
Atlantic Sturgeon
1. Ancient, very cumbersome, caviar from eggs
2. Anadromous-come from salt to fresh water to spawn
3. Population dropped due to pollution, dams, and overfishing