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White Perch
1. Don't leave the bay
1. Semi-anadromous, some leave some stay
Flat Fish
1. Eyes Migrate
2. Take right or left hand by gills to determine if its right or left handed
Hog Choaker
1. Spiky body
Flounder (Summer and Winter)
1. Commercially important
2. Found during different seasons
Drum Family
1. Recreationally and somewhat commercially important
1. Silvery fish with a black mark behind gills
2. Forked tail
1. When first seen it has a little and delicate pick sheen
2. Whisker on end of mouth called a barbel
3. Tail is not forked
Yellow Perch
1. Fresh water, riverine fish
2. Yellow black stripes, very colorful
3. Goodtasting
1. All lack scales
Channel Catfish
1. Prefers deeper water
2. Greenish with spots and darkly colored barbels
3. Deeply forked tail
White Catfish
1. Plain colored, no spots, light barbels
2. Shallow waters
3. Tail is lightly forked
Brown Bullhead
1. Darkly mottled, dark barbels
2. Square tail
1. Pumpkinseed, Blue Gill, Black Crappie
1. Orange spot on edge of blue/gray gill
1. Blue/black spot on end, no stripes on gill covers
1. Lower jaw extends out, no gill cover
Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth)
1. Largemouth, angle of jaw when closed extends beyond eye, tolerant of unideal places, lower oxygen levels and warm water
2. Smallmouth, angle of jaw does not extend, colder water and fast moving