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Biology definition
study of the structure, function and development on living things
statements supported by evidence which generally apply (there can be contradictions)
•develop from hypotheses/generalisations
•represent scientific evidence as it is know at present
•can change when new observations or evidence refutes the widely accepted idea of scientists
presentations of phenomena
•develop when generalisations/theories can be applied to all known cases, without exception
•can be used to predict future phenomena
Scientific method
1. observations (anything detectable)
2. Inferences
3. Hypothesis (testable idea) A causes B
4. Predictions
5. Experiments
6. Collect & analyse data
7. Repeat
Independent variable
•is deliberately manipulated
• aka experimental variable
•eg. group A is different from group B because of the experimental variable
Dependent variable
•is the variable that changes as a response to the independent variable
• is what you measure and observe in the experiment
•aka responding variable
controlled variables
•those variables that are regulated and kept constant for the duration of the experiment
Uncontrolled variables
•are those factors which are not considered in the experimental design
•should not have any significant effect on the experiment
sample size
•larger the better as it increases the reliability of the outcome as it is an attempt to even out the individual variation that exists between the subjects