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Not true: Enzymes
are typically consumed by reactions they promote
DNA differs from RNA because DNA
contains thymine in place of uracil
Organic Compounds
Always contain carbon and are synthesized by cells
Which of these is a difference between RNA and DNA?
DNA contains thymine and RNA contains Uracil
Which one of the following lists contain only polysaccharides?
cellulose, starch, and glycogen
Which statement about anabolic statements is true? Anabolic steroids
promote bone growth
Genetic information is encoded in the
sequence of nucleotides in DNA
Which statement about Linus Pauling is not true?
He first described the double helix shape of DNAp
Which list contains on polymers?
proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, amino acids
Which is not true about waxes?
waxes are used as a starting material for making steroids
A triglyceride
consists of 3 fatty acids, is hydrophobic, plays a role in energy storage, and is a type of fat
Fatty acids are
Molecules that taste sweet
have a shape that binds tightly to sweet taste receptors
You know the cliche that water and oil dont mix is true because
water exhibits polarity and oil does not
Which of the following will not be affected by the denaturation of a protein
the number of amino acids in the protein
Characteristics of carbon that contribute to its ability to form an immense diversity of organic molecules include its
tendency to form covalent bonds, ability to bond with up to four other atoms, capacity to form single and double bonds, and the ability to bond together to form extensive, branched, or unbranched carbon skeletons
which one of the following is not true about animal cell lipids?
many lipids function as enzymes
The primary structure of a protein is
the amion acid sequence of the polypeptide chain
Which factor can result in the denaturation of the protein?
heat, change in pH, chemicals that destroy hydrogen bonds, changes in salt concentration
Peptide bonds
link amino acids
Glucose molecules are to starch as ________ are to proteins
amino acids
which statement about the monomers and polymers found in living organisms is not true?
monomers are joined together by the process of hydrolysis
A phopspolipid is composed of
one glycerol molecule linked to one phosphate group and 2 fatty acid molecules
controlled experiment
two experiments, differ from one variable
orchids related
natural selection
heritable variation and offspring
organisms in tree
dna molecule composed of
tentative theory for scientific phenomenon
living sysytems are not
made up of two or more cells
if then, turtles
hypo deductive reasoning
domain bacteria
lacks a nucleus
grain eating animals
natural seclection and connection between form and function
prokaryotes in domain
difference between tissue and organ system
organ system includes tissues
one thousandth of a millimeter
as cell size increases
volume increases faster than surface area
what attaches prokaryotes to surfaces
pili and capsules
membranous compartmentalization
allows different metabolic proccesses to occur
nucleus of a cell
contains DNA
secretory proteins
produced by cell for internal use
intermediate filaments function as
tension bearing elements
child hospitalized
lysosomes white blood cells
five most common elements
C H O N Ca
2H2 + O2 = H2O
all molecules, H2O compound
two elements in fixed ration
table salt formed
none are correct
forms when electrons are shared
covalent or polar covalent bonds
water repellent chemical on pants
coating is neutral and repels positive and negative ends
hydrogen bonds are
water molecules stick b/c
hydro bonds form between hydro of one and oxygen of another
as ice melts
hydrogen bonds are broken
drink of coffee
aqueous solution
not related to NaCl dissolving
hydrogen bonds
solute is
dissolved in solution
if water is pure it contains
H20 molecules and H+ and 0H- ions
accept H+ or donate 0H-
ph of 7
donates H+ ions when to basic and accepts when too acidic
reactants on left, products on
chemical reactions do not
destroy or get rid of anything
each contains 20 carbon
surface tension and heat storage
hydrogen bonds
not a trace element
12 and 13 ph
ten times as many H+
the more H+ ions,
the lower the pH
solution of pH1
strongly acidic
water to form hydro bonds critical
water molecule is held together by
polar covalent bond
oxygen atom of a water molecule
is more electronegative than the hydrogen atoms
propoonal and isoproponal isomers
same molecular formula, one liquid, one gas
disachharide forms when
two monosac. join by dehydration synthesis.
the ___ structure of protein consists of amino acids
amino acids distinguished
R groups
proteins differ
sequence of amino acids
amino group
wonder food
could only be made of carbs
structural proteins
anchor cell parts
water and oil
soap have charged and neutral. charged attract water. oil attract charged.
no a lipid
a hydroxyl group
characreistic of alchohols
animal fats saturated and have triglycerides
cellulose differs from starch
most animals cant break down cellulose like starh
fatty acids with double bonds
sucrose formed
to monosac. dehydration synthesis
oil seperates from vinegar
oils are polar
molecule with C55H110O55
lipid in cell membranes
storage in animals ____ plants____
glycogen starch
more than one polypeptide chain
margarine using plany oil
add hydrogens to change double bonds in fatty acids to single bonds
alpha helix
radioactive nitrogen
pairing polymer and monomer
triclyceride and steroid
add oil to lower fat
liquid at room temperature
amino group
dehydration synthesis
functional groups not true
all include a carbon atom of organic compounds skeleton
high in fiber
promote atherloceris
saturated fats
hydro and carbon only
reult of dehydration revered
hydrolysis and digestion
teritary structure refers to
3-d dimension
convert oul to solid at room temp
add hydro increasing doublt bonds
monosac molecular formula