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What is the role of enzymes in metabolism
Metabolism is all the chemical reactions that occur in the body, enzymes cause chemical reactions to proceed that would not normally
Enzymes chemical composition
Enzymes are organic catalysts.They contain carbon and is dirived from living things.All enzymes are proteins
What is pH
The pH is a figure given for acidity or alkalinity of a solution
Why is it important to maintain a constant internal environment for optimal metabolic efficiency
internal environment refers to the fluid surrounding living cells within a multicellular organism.
constant internal environment refers to the condictions present in this fluid which need to be kept at a constant level such as
blood volume
blood pressure
carbon dioxide
optimal metabolic efficiency means that the orgamism is functioning at its best. That is the metabolic process are occuring at their optimum rate
Therefore,WHY IS A CONSTANT INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT NEEDED TO BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE OPTIMAL METABOLIC EFFICIENCY, metabolic reactions are catalysed by enzymes.therefore,if the metabloic reactions are to occur at an potimum level, then the enzymes must be working at their potimum level.enzymes work best underoptimum conditions such as a certain temperature and pH.Therfore, cells need to maintain constant internal conditions suited to the enzymes so that the metabolic proces in the body may occur at their optimum rate.
Describe homeostasis
Homeostasis is the process by which organisms maintain a relatively stable internal state