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name the 3 polymers?
carbs, proteins,and nucleic acids
what is a polymer?
a long molecule consisting of many similar building blocks called monomers.
what is dehydration reaction?
monomers forming larger molecules by condensation reactions
how do polymers dissemble?
the process of hydrolysis
what are carbohydrates?
serve as fuel and building material.
examples of carbs:
sucrose, frutose, starch, cellulose, glycogen
protiens function?
enzymatic-(catalayst for chemical reactions), storeage, trasnport, structual..etc
how many amino acids make up a protein?
what are amino acids?
they are organic molecules possessing both carboxyol & amino groups
amino acids are linked by?
peptide bonds
lipids are made up of what?
hydropobic molecules
classification of lipids?
fats, fatty acids, phospolipids, steriods
nueclic acids?
DNA (stores info)
RNA (single stranded, ribose)
purpose of nucleic acids?
store and transmit hereditary info