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What does Porifera have in common with other animals?
In the Porifera, what takes in water?
Ostium (Ostia)
In the Porifera, what expells water?
Osculum (Oscula)
What is the main cavity in a Sponge?
The spongocoel
Class hydrozoa is part of what phylum?
What species is from class Hydrozoa?
Hydra (underlined)
What kind of symmetry do cnidarians have?
radial symmetry
Is the hydra a medusa or a polyp?
What kind of digestion do cnidarians have?
What are cnidocytes used for?
What do cnidocytes contain?
The cnidocyte is from what speciman?
Hydra (underlined)
What is bilateral symmetry?
Longitudinal (humans have this). It is the same on both sides.
Describe the hydra stages...
Hydra only have the polyp body plan
What is a vellum?
It is a muscular layer/ridge which helps contract and move the organism.
Are Porifera marine or freshwater?
Most are marine
Describe the movement of Porifera
They are sessile
What kind of symmetry to Porifera have?
They are asymmetrical (they have no symmetry)
What is the mesoglea?
The middle layer
The Portuguese man-of-war is part of what class?
Class Hydrozoa. It is a colony
Obelia is part of what class?
Class Hydrozoa.
What is the perisarc?
Surrounds the Obelia colony.
What is different about the Aurelia?
It has no vellum and it is also larger.
sea anemone, corals and se fans are part of what class?
Class Anthozoa
Does class Anthozoa reproduce sexually or asexually?
Aurelia is part of what class?
Class Scyphozoa
What is the dominant body plan of Aurelia?
The medusa body plan
What kind of worms are Platyhelminthes?
Platyhelminthes have ______ symmetry and _____
bilateral symmetry and cephalization.
Dugesia is from what class?
Class Turbellaria
What is a detriovore?
Consumes fragments of organisms/ decaying matter. Dugesia is one.
Where is Dugesia found?
Planarians (Dugesia) are found in both fresh and marine waters.
Flukes are from which Class?
Class Trematoda
tapeworms are from which class?
Class Cestoda
The Chinese Liver Fluke's scientfic name is...
Clonorchis sinensis (underlined)
The tapeworm's scientific name is...
Taenia saginata (underlined)
What is the head region of a tapeworm called?
the scolex
What is the body plan of a tapeworm?
Round worms are also called...
What kind of body plans do Nematodas have?
What was the worm we dissected?
Ascaris lumbricoides (underlined)
What kind of muscles do nematodes have?
They don't have circular muscles.
Segmented worms are also called...
What are the three classes of Annelidias?
-Oligochaeta (earthworms)
-Hirudinea (leeches)
Arthropods have...
-Segmented bodies
- hard exoskeleton
-paired, jointed appendages
-nervous system
What is the exoskeleton composed of?
Chitin and proteins
What does the nervous system have?
cerebral ganglia and ventral nerve cord
What are the 4 subphylums of Phylum Arthropoda?
-Myridapoda (centipedes and millipedes)
-Chelicerata (horseshoe crabs, spiders)
-Crustacea (lobsters, crabs)
-hexapoda (Insecta, bees, ants, grasshoppers)