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What is the order blood flow throught the body beginning with the vena cava and ending with the body?
1.Vena Cava
2.Right Atruim
3.AV vavle
4.Right Ventricle
5.Semilunar Vavale
6.Pulmonary Arteries
8.Pulmonary Veins
9.Left Atruim
10.Bicuspid/mitral vavle
11.Left Ventricle
12.Semilunar Vavle
What are platets?
Platlets clot blood.
What are leukocytes?
Leukocytes are white blood cells. They eat up foreign particles as part of the immune system.
What is plasma?
Plasma is the liquid portion of the blood.
What are erythrocytes?
Erythocytes are red blood cells. The transport gases.
What are the order of the veins going from largest to smallest?
What is the order of the different size arteries from smallest to largest?
What are the two major organs in the central nervous system?
2.Spinal Cord
What is the main unit of the peripheral nervous system?
What does the cerebrum do?
The cerebrum is the main portion of the brain.
What does the cerebellum do?
It coordinates muscles.
What is a neuron?
The basic unit of the nervous ssytem.
What is a dendrite?
The dendrites are the extensions of the neuron. They recive impulses.
What is the cel body of a nueron?
It is where the nuclues is.
What is an axon?
It takes impluses form the cell body.
What is the myelin sheath?
It is a layr of lipids whixh surrinds the axon. It acts as a catalyst speeding up transmission time.
What is the Nodes of Ranvier?
They are the gaps in the myelin sheath.
What is the function of the neurotransmitters?
They are secreted and travel across the gap between nodes.
What is the synaspe?
The gap between neurons.
What does the epiglottis do?
It keeps food from going down the trachea.
What is the trachea?
The trachea is a tube that runs between the pharynx and the bronchi.
What are bronchi?
They are branches of the trachea that each go to a lung.