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Lipids are the only macro. that's not a ' '
the three most important lipids are....
Fats Phospholipids and Steroids
a fat is made up of...
fatty acid and Glycerol
a fat is formed by
dehydration systhesis
the carboxly part is the..
and the hydroxyl part is the...
and when they bond it makes the fat....
2 examples of fats are...
Palmatic acid and Steric acid
a saturated fat has....
and is in what form...
all single bonds
an unsaturated fat has....
and is in what form....
and it is like this because...
one or more double bonds
because of the kink in its shape
the main function of fats is to..
store energy, insulates, and cushions vital organs
Phosphholipidsare made up of...
and the third hydroxyl group of the glycerol molecule joins with a...
one glycerol and two fatty acid
phosphate group
the head of a phospholipid is....
the tail is......
polor and hydrophilic

nonpolar and hydrophobic
steroid are lipids with..
with ' ' attached
four fused carbon rings
functional groups
cholesterol is a pre-curser to other steroids including...
it is also commonly found in..
vertibrae hormones, and bile acids
animal cell membrane
to much bad cholesterol can contribute to...
atheroscerosis (bad cholesterol can clog arteries)
a protein is...made of...
a long chain of polymers made up of amion acids
all amino acids have...
a carbon atom at the center, and four partners bonded to the carbon.
the four partners are..
amino, carboxyl, hydrogen and a variable
what are essential and nonessential amino acids?
essential-you ahve to est
nonessential-your body makes them
hydorcarbons are....
hydrophobic and NONPOLAR
nonpolar and hydrophobic parts will try to...
and where...
hide themselves
on the interior (and the opposite for polar and hydrophilic)
who accepts and who donates hydrgen ions?
bases accept and acids donate
polymers are formed by...
dehydration synthesis
the bond that joind two amino acids is...
a peptide bond
all proteins have their own...
unique shape
bends, twists and folds