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Why did Gregor Mendell decide to study pea plants?
have both male and female reproductive organs
Can self fertalize and cross pollonate
Mendell can control over mating
Easy to identify traits
Blending Model of Inheritance
when mixing two different plants you will result in a new plant
Particulate Model of inheritance
Parents pass on discrete, heritable units that retain their separate identities in the offspring
How do you create pure lines?
made by self-feritlization
offspring always produce same trait as parents in self-fertilization
What does each characteristic inherit?
an allele from each parent
What happens if two alleles differ?
The dominant one is expressed
What will happen to the alleles in meiosis?
They will segregate and end up in different gametes
Example: (sperm/egg)
What is it called when the alleles segregate in meiosis?
The Law of Segregation
What does genotype mean?
the allele combination
What does phenotype mean?
the physical representation of the genes
What are punnett squares used for?
to predict the probability of a particular genotype and phenotype
What is a monohybrid cross?
A cross between two organisms that are heterozygous for a single trait
What does heterozygous mean?
when there is a dominant and recessive gene
What does homozygous mean?
when there is two dominant genes OR two recessive genes
What is incomplete dominance?
when there is no complete dominant allele
What does codominance mean?
When more than allele exists
What is a multiple allele cross?
genes that have more than two alleles but an organism can still only inherit two alleles for a particular trait
What is a sex-linked trait?
a trait linked to a sex chromosome