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the letters that make up the individual
the physical characteristics of the particular trait
recessive trait
signified by a small casee letter ...ex: t an organism with a recessive allele for a particular form of trait will have that form only when the dominant allele for the trait is not present
dominant allele
signified by a capitalletter ex: T if the traits you are using are dominantg or recessive, this trait wil overpwer the recessive trait and will be expressed.. ex: Tt
has the same letters Ex; TT or tt
has different letters ex: Tt ( different alleles for the trait)
purebred plant
aka true breeding....where the individuals genotype is homozygous and will only make one type of gamete
sex cells. represented by letter N ( meaning that they are haploid and conatin half the chromosomes)
P generation
parental generation and normal the first one in a genetic cross
F1 generation
the first generation of offspring from the parental generation
the 2nd generation of ofspring from the parental generation
Monohybrid cross
a single factor cross..only one trait is used in the genetic cross es: T=tall t=short
Dihybrid cross
a two factor cross. ex: T=tall t=short B=black b=white
incomplete dominance
where one allele isnt completely dominant over the other ex: RR-red Rr=pink rr=white
co dominance
where both alleles contribute to the phenotype and the offspring will have contribuition of two alleles ...ex: RR=red hair Rr=roan and rr=white