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A ball shaped protein used to make microfiliments
String like fibers that give the cell its shape are called...
The prefix cyto- means...
A chemical signal that is used to control some body functions
An instrument used to magnify objects
The molecules in cells that act as the main source of fuel
All living things are made of cells, cells are the basic units of life, only cells come from other cells
Cell theory
A solution in which the solute concentration is lower than that of another
Hypotonic solution
When the solute concentration is equal to that of another
Isotonic solution
When the solute concentration is higher than that of another
Hypertonic solution
Reproduction in which bacterial cells divide into two cells, both like the original
Binary Fission
A small structure within a cell
The movement of water through the cell membrane
The movement of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
proteins float freely through the phospholipid bilayer
Fluid Mosaic Model
Two layers of phospholipids
lipid bilayer
Sticky coating that joins animal cells together
Extracellular matrix
Hydrophilic end of a phospholipid
Phosphate molecule attached to a glycerol
Fluid part of the cytoplasm
Membrane that separates a cell from its environment
Plasma Membrane
Can limit the kinds of molecules that pass through
Selectively permeable membrane
The hydrophobic part of a phospholipid
Hydrophobic fatty acid tail