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Are there any autotrophic animals?
What kind of symmetry do most animals have?
Which subphylum of chordates were the first vertebrates on land?
Anphibians, which use water for fertalization, by spraying sperm into the water
What is the only mammal that can fly?
Do any mammals lay eggs?
Yes some do
What is ectotherm?
Reptiles, cold blooded means without
What is endotherm?
Humans, warm blooded means withen
What uses fewer calories ectotherm or endotherm?
Are most animals vertebrates or invertebrates?
What is implied by sustainability?
keeps going and keeps everything in balance, Ex: Money living from interest not the capital
What is the upper limit (%) of population growth per year for humans?
Sociologist and economist most concerns in population growth
Africa, Central America, no economic resource, degregation-using things fater than produced.
Cordates, the highest phylum have what?
Backbones, nerve cord, pharynx, and tails some point in their life.
What does marsupium mean?
Animal that has a pouch. ex: kangaroo
What are most animals, monotremes, marsupials, or eutherians?
Most animals are eutherians. monotremes lay eggs.
What does the word mammal mean in Latin?
Is there free exchange of blood through the umbilical cord between a woman's body and the developing in her uterus?
A fertility rate of 2.0 children per female will result in a population growth rate zero in MDC's?
False, it would result below zero
In ecology what is population
Is a particular species
In ecology what is community?
Is the number of different kinds of species, the total population of different organisms
Is an ecosystem larger or smaller than a community?
An ecosystem is larger than a community
What are the for major kinds of species interaction?
Predation, mutualism, parasitism, commensalism
Is our present rate of resource utilization sustainable?
No its not substainable
How fast are we over using Earths resources?
What is Evnironmental degradition?
Using resources faster than they can be replaced
Are environmental degradation and littering the same?
What type of pollution is lawn fertilizer that runs with the neighbors into the sewer?
non-point source
Toxicity, what does LD 50 mean?
Leathel Dose of a chemical 50% of test subjects die
LD 50 exposure of a chemical at an level of 45 ok?
What was Thomas Malthus theory of food production of human population growth?
Mas starvation in the early 1900's. population would increase geometrically and food supply would increase arithmetically
How many people are being added to the worlds population per second?
3 per second
Why is increasing the education of women in the world so critical, especially in LDC'S?
Women control population and food production
Why has Africa been described as a ticking time bomb?
HIV, low education, jungle, limited resources
Recent research shows that the ozone layer is not healing itself like scientists had thought?
What evidence do we have that humans are generalists, from an environmental niche standpoint?
Humans live everywhere, can adapt to different climates.
Which country will likely have more problems in the next few decades, one with a pyramidal or one with a columnar population shape when population is plotted by age?
pyramidal more problems
What one factor has contributed more than any other to human population growth over the past 100 years?
Decreasing Death Rate
How have humans been able to avoid the normal constraints of ecosystems to allow population to continue increasing?
Expanded to new areas, drain swamp lands, irragated desert, and increased productive compacity of land.
Why do people in LDC's have so many children?
Is there hard scientific evidence that global warming is occuring?
Yes, overall
What are arguements against the evidence of global warming?
Business, economic growth, Impact
What is the Global Warming Gas?
Carbon Dioxide CO2
What are the major sources of Carbon Dioxide that cause global warming?
Coal, patrolium, Slash and burng agriculture
What is the Relationship between the concentration of major global warming gas and the human population growth over time?
Highly Corralated
What are the three levels of biodiversity?
Diveristy in ecosystem, species, and populations
About how fast are Rainforest disappearing?
A soccer field every second
Is logging the main reason why rain forest are being cut?
NO, because of Slash and burn food production
People in developed countries represent about what percent of the worlds population?
People in Developed countries use about what percent of the worlds natural resources?
Are detritivors found mostly about or below ground?
Decomposers that are Below ground
What is our most limiting natural resource?
What is the problem in using geologic water for irrigation and industrial use?
geologic water is occufers and non replaceable
How much of the U.S.'s water is in the Great Lakes?
What are a whole bunch of environmental degradation problems being casued by food production in both LDC's and MDC's?
Soil erosion, deserty, and water pollution
What percent of the worlds population earns less than 2$ per day?
1/2 50% percent of the worlds poplulation
What % of the worlds water is fresh water?
2.5% is fresh water
What significant event has the city of Los Angeles, California done recently?
Rediverting water back to the river
What is johnston's one-word answer top most of the worlds problems?
What is Ecology?
the study of interactions of living things with each other and with their environment, study of nature
What is Enviromentalist?
want to preserve nature
An ecosystem includes the organisms and all of the abiotic factors?
What does abiotic mean?
Non living factors, ex:Rainfall, tempature, soil, and chemical neutrients
What is Niche?
the position or function of an organism in a community of plants and/or animals or simply where it fits in
What are the four ways species interact?
predation, paritism, mutualism, and commensalism
What is Commensalism?
One benefits without hurthing the other
What is point source?
specific source can be identified e.g., a factory or sewage treatment plant
what is non-point source?
sources may be multiple and harder to identify
What are the three major factors that determine how harmful a pollutant is?
Toxicity, concentration, and Persistence
Why was Thomas Malthus not correct about the mass starvation?
Advances in Agriculture, contraceptives, and communication
How does Malthus theory look at the present time?
There is a huge correlation between population, poverty and environmental degradation
women are responsible for producing about how much of the food in developing countries?
What are envirnmental degradation problems for which humans and population growth are responsible for?
Air pollution, Biodiversity depletion, Water pollution, Food production issues, and Waste, solid and hazardist
What is troposhere?
The lowest layer of the automosphere
is ozone good or bad?
can be both, near the earth its an air pollutant and is bad, although the ozone layer is good in the stratosphere that serves as a filter.
Is the production of global warming gases and east/west or north/south
North South
What percent of the world's population earn less than a dollar$ a day?
about 1/5 eqivulent to 20%
How many mammal species face extinction?
300 mammal species are endangered
What does man sweat have to do with women?
mood altering, relaxed, happy and effects the menstral cycle time period
What makes up sponges?
lowest form, lack symmetry, but they are vast minority, no tissues, no organs
What are animals?
all are hetertrophic, multi-celled, aerobic, motile some point in their life. Invertabrates
how many animal species are their?
2 million species
what is a cnidarian
first animal with tissue, example is coral
What are Flatworms?
First animals with organs, example tap worms, can cause anemia sucks out all vitamen B-12 nutrients
how do humans get tapworms?
from undercooked beef, pork, or fish
What are blood flukes?
are also flat worms, which causes shistosomiasis, from standing water
what is a round worm?
nematodes, most abundant animal on earth, ex: pin worm
First animal to have complete digestive system
What is Elephantiasis?
caused by a round worm that blocks the lymph, misquetos carry it.
which phylum makes up over half of the total known species of animals in the world?
do sharks have bones?
no, Cartilaginous
Teptiles likely arose from amphibians and they dont have to rely on water because of their dry, scaly skin and their internal fertilization of eggs?
Of all organisms, birds are the only ones with feathers?
Are reptiles eggs hard or soft?
Both can be either hard or soft
What is the greatest concentration of marsupial species today?
To maintain zero population growth, the fertility rate is about?
2.5 children in less developed countries, 2.1 in developed
Are humans generalist or specialist?
Which would have least effect on human population growth?
Increasing the life span of females
What of the following is a good example of biological magnification?
parasites feeding on other organisms
What do we call the interaction when two species live together and one benefits without hurting the other?
Population of country is plotted with age groups on the vertical axis and # of people on horizontal axis?
A fairly symmetrical column