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After DNA replication the two DNA molecules that are made are ____
The order in which amino acids bond to form mRNA is initially detremined by
Showed that DNA was a molecule that carried a genetic code
Hershey and Chase
Showed what DNA looks like (Double helix)
Watson and Crick
Showed whether transformation would still occur after experiment
Avery,McCarty and Macleod
two strands of the DNA helix are...
What are the 3 parts of a nucletide
deoxrubose,phosphate group,nitrogenous
The backbone of a chain of nucletides consists of..
sugar and phosphate groups of nucloetides
each codon specifies for a particular
amino acid
before a cell divides it must duplicate its dna in a process called
dna replication
in what organelle does translation take place
in the mitochondria
nitrogen bases are bonded together by what type of bonds in the dna nolecule
nitrogen bonds
the genetic code in dna depends on the order or sequence of...
nitrogen bases
what is base pairing?
What is replication
what a cell does b4 it duplicates its dna