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Name the Characteristics of life.
All living things are made up of cells, show organization, use energy throught metabolism, must maintain homeostosis, grow and develop,reproduce, respond to there enviorment,change over time(as a group), and excrete cellular wastes.
How do living things change through their lives?
By growing and developing
__________-is information gathered in an experiement.
__________-is a statement that explains ovservations and can be tested.
__________-is an idea that is true because so much evidence supports it.
The part of an experiment in which all conditions is kept the same is__________.
Control Group
_________-process of testing hypothesis by gathering data under controlled conditions.
Where are independent and the dependent variables places on a graph?
x axis dependent Y axis Independent
Which water property allows insects to walk on water?
Review Lab Safty rules....
Just study out of Book...
__________-Shares electrons- H2O
Covalent bond
_________-Transfers electrons- NaCl
Ionic Bond
What is the pH range of an acid? What is the strongest acid?
0-6.9 , 0
What is the pH range of a base? What is the strongest base?
7.1-14 , 14
Compounds contains carbon are known as __________ molecules.
What are the elements found in Carbohydrates?
What are the elements found in Lipids?
What are the elements found in Proteins?
What are the elements found in Nucleic Acids?
What are the building blocks for carbohydrates?
What are the building blocks for proteins?
Amino Acids
What are the building blocks for lipids?
Fatty acids and glycerol
What are the building blocks for necleic acids?
What are the functions of carbohydrates in living things?
Quick Energy
What are the functions of proteins in living things?
1. Builds skin & muscles
2. Important parts of cell mem.
3. Makes enzymes
4. Makes hair,nail,horn,&hoove
5. Makes antibodies
What are the functons of lipids in living things?
Stored enery, main part of plasma membrane.
What are the functions of nucleic acids in living things?
Stores gentic information