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The weakest symbiotic attachment, in which one species simply lives better in the presence of another species
The DNA molecule is most similar functionally to
a computer chip
A class project designed to study a pond ecosystem would make careful records of
animals and plant life, abiotic factors plus baceria, fungi, and protests
To be part of the biosphere, any particular region must
support life
What are some characteristics of parasites
-They are specialists and usually are able to affect only one variety of host
-Some reside inside their hosts, whereas others live outside their hosts
-Their host may be a plant as well as an animal
A new life cycle begins with
fertilization of an egg
To a person studying utilization of classroom space on campus, the most useful data concerning students in a classroom would be expressed by the number of
individuals per square yard
At how many degrees nother and south of the equator does air rise as a result of differential heating and cooling?
60 degrees
A relationship in which twwo species are dependent on each other for survival is
what does not depend directly on sunlight for energy
comsumers and decomposers
Seasonal bird migration could be sited as an example of
distribution over time
What portion of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans?
approximately 70%
Niche overlap initially leads to
In theexample in the text, the change in moth populations from predominately white and black winged forms was the resut of
-environmental change
-natural selection
-food choices by predators
-the ability of birds to find the prey
The portion of the biosphere that is composed entirely of water is the
A process found only in plants and some bacteria
An example of commensalism
Robins and human populations
The capacity to acquire, store, and use energy
How individuals are distributed at each age level for a population
Age structure
An example of Mimicry
Repugnant species resemble tasty ones
J-shaped curve
Describes a population that experiences unrestrained growth
a large region characterized by its large array of dominant primary producers
Decomposers perform their recycling efforts on organisms
on everything
Biological magnification refers to
accumulation of toxic pollutants as animals pass through a food chain
Net primary productivity is
the amount of energy stored in plant tissue in excess of that used by autotrophs in respiration
The biomass of a community is the weight of
the living organisms
The pyramid of energy
is a result of the decline in the energy available as energy travels through the trophic levels
A portion of a DNA molecule wound around a spool of histone protein is called this
Fragmentation and disappearance of nuclear envelop and nucleolus occurs in what
This alters the composition of chromosomes and results in new combinations of alleles
Crossing over