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Features of dicotyledon
1. two seeds(cotyledon) main root(tap root) veins
4. broad leaves
5. has flowers
Features of a monocotyledon seed(cotyledon)
2.narrow leaves
3.fiborus roots
4.has flowers
5.parallel veins
features of bryophytes
1.simple leaves
2.leaf like
3. live in damp places seeds
features of algae roots stems leaves
4.most aquatic
features of fungi
1.without chlorophyll
2.interwoven threads
3.saprophytes or parasites
features of gymnosperms
1.cones(no flowers)
2.needle shaped leaves
3.lives in cool places
5.with seeds
features of pteridophytes
1.roots and stems
2.leaf- like fronds
3.lives in moist places ferns seeds