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What is an ecosystem?
all the organisms in a paritcular area along with pysical componentsof the enviorment.
What do plants help with?
Oxygenic cycle, holding soil, building soil, holding water, moderateing local climate
What are the primary dominant producers in terrestrial enviorments?
Land plants
What was the most single important event in the evolution of human culture?
The domestication of crops
How were crops domesticated?
artificial selection
What is bioprospecting?
The effort to find naturally occuring compounds that can be used in economical products
What are hydroponics?
plants grown with roots exposed in a liquid culture rather than soil.
Who are ethnobotantists
People who study how humans use plants
What is vascular tissue?
Tissue that transports water and nutrients in Vascular plants
What is a seed?
consists of an embryo and nutritive tissue.
What is the difference between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms?
Angiosperms flower and the seed is in an enclosed structure.
What is a cuticle?
A sheet of waxy coating that prevents the drying of plants.
What is sporopollenin?
It is a coating that helps prevent spores and pollen from drying
Spore producing structures are called?
What does a stoma do?
It allows CO2 to diffuse into plants.
How do stoma work?
the use pores that open and close holes that allow CO2 in the plant
What are tracheids?
enlongated cells that closely pack and organize water conducting tissue. Secondary wall contains gaps
What are vessels?
function the same as tracheids except they are shorter and wider. They also contain gaps in both the primary and secondary wall
Small leaves are called?
Large leaves are called?
The multicellular haploid stage is called?
The mulitcellula diploid stage is called?
What stage is dominant in green algae?
What stage is dominant in mosses?
What stage is dominant in ferns?
What stage is dominant in conifers?
What stage is dominant in Angiosperms?
What is different about the Angiosperm cycle?
A Endosperm forms which is 3n and provides nutrients for the embryo
What is heterospory?
the production of two distinct types of spore producing structures
What are microspores
they develop into male gametes
What are megaspores?
they develop into female gametes
When a plant produces a single type of spore it is considered?
What is the sperm producing Gametangium called?
What is the egg producing gametangium called?
What are embrophytes?
They are land plants... the term means they recieve most of their nutrients during early life from their parent plant
What is a fruit?
It is a structre which envelopes the ovules. One seed means one ovulte. Many seeds means many ovules.
Which group of plants was though to have gone through adaptive radiation?
What is a cotelydon?
the first leaf that is formed on a plant.
What does mychorrhizal mean?
fungi that live close to plants roots
Fungi that make their living by digesting dead material are considered?
Yeasts are?
single celled fungi
Multicellular fungi are?
what are hyphae?
individual filaments that make up mycelium
what are septa?
they seperate the hyphae
Why are fungi prone to drying out?
Their high SA/V Ratio
What are the four types of fungi in terms of reproduction?
Ascomycota, Basidiomycota, Chytridiomycota, Zygomycota
What are the characteristics of each reproductive type?
Ascus = sac
Basidio = club
Chytri = sperm like
Zygo = hyphae yolk together
How are fungi and humans similar?
They both contain chitin and have the same sperm like structure
Fungi that live in the above ground parts of plants are called?
What is Ectomycorrhizal fungi?
Hyphae do not enter root cells but penetrate outer layer of the root.
What is Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi?
They grow into root tissue
Where are EMF dominant?
cooler nothren enviorments
How do fungi digest their food?
Through extracellular digestion
Spores are produced by what?