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What is biophilia?
innate curiosity for living things in divers forms
What are the steps to the scientific method?
observation/experiment/collect data/analyze/conclusion
What is microevolution?
process through which organisms make small changes over short period of time
What is macroevolution?
process through which organisms make changes over long period of time
What is the theory proposed by Count LeClerc de Buffon?
mammalian limbs are similiar and may be inherited from a common ancestor
What is the theory proposed by LaMark?
offsping inherit traits based on use by parents (theory of inheritance of acquired traits)
What is the theory proposed by Malthus?
human population is growing faster than supplies= competition for resources
What theory gave rise to macroevolution?
Steno and Strata Smith= oldest rock layers are the deepest
What is natural selection?
individual posessing certain characteristics that enable survival in a specific environment, will increase in further generations
What is evolution?
groups of organisms change over time so that descendants differ in morphology and physiology from ancestors
What is Darwins theory?
decent with modification occurs between generations, driving for is natural selection, all organisms have common ancestor
What is mutation?
mistakes in genetic replication
What is gene flow?
migration, change to a new environment
What is genetic drift
random occurance i.e. founder effect and bottleneck