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Earth began to form...
4.6 billion years ago
Radioactive Dating
a method of determining the age of an object by meauring the amount of specific radioactive isitope it contains
atoms of the same elment that differ in tier number of neautrins
Radioactive decay
isotopes with unstable nucleri that undergo radioactive decay
the legnth of time it taks for one-half of any size sample of an isotope to decay
carbon datings is used to..
date organic remains dated less ago
Oparin suggested that...
the early atmosphere contained ammonia, hydrogen, water vapor, and other compounds such as methane
miller and erey...
set up expireiment to test oparin
spherical in shape and composed of many protein molecules
collection of droplets that are composed of molecules of different types such as amino acids and sugars
micro and coas have life like properties
take up certain subtances, coacervates grow, microscpeheres can bud
radioactive isotopes
isotopes with unstable nuclei that undergo radioactive decay