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DNA is made of
deoxyribose nucleic acid
A and T has _ ______ bonds
2 \
C and G has _ _______ bonds
3 differences of DNA and RNA
RNA has...
1) ribose not deoxyribose
2) has uracil, not thymine
3) single stranded, not double
a point mutation is when
one of the letters is wrong causing the wrong amino acid to be put in the protein
a frame shift mutation is when...
a letter is deleted or and extra one put in, causing all the following amino acids to be wrong
2 types of DNA mutations are?
frame shift and point
4 types of Chrmosonal mutations are?
deletion, insertion, inversion, translocation
Deletion mutation is when..
part of chrmosone is left out
insertion mutation is when..
extra part of chromosome is put in
inversion is when...
part breaks off and reattaches backwards
translocation is when
part breaks off one and goes into another