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The smallest unit of matter that can carry onall of teh processes of life
SD: two types: animal and plant
SD: contains organelle
Cell Membrane
a thin membrane surrounding teh entire cell that regulates what goes in and what comes out of the cell
Cell Theory
Three parts:
-all living things are composed of one or more cells
-cells are teh basic units of structure and function in an organism
-cells come only from the reproduction of existing cells
an organism whose cells contain a membrane-bound nucleus and other organelles
Ex: animals
Large organelle near the center of the cell that contains the majority of the cell's genetic information and directs most of the activities of the cell
a cell component that performs specific functions for the cell
Ex: Nucleus
SD: maintains the life of the cell
an organism that does not have a membrane-bound nucleus
SD: placed in two kingdoms completely separate from eukaryotes
Ex: bacteria