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What is pneumonia?
infectious inflammation of the lungs, fluid in the alveoli
What is mycoplasma?
Smallest group of bacteria that live freely in animals and humans; cause diseases and pneumonia
What are aveoli?
Small specialized air compartments in the lung
What is evolution?
a GENETIC change
What is Progress?
change over TIME
What is natural selection?
Weak organisms die while strong organisms survive and duplicate
What is an antibiotic?
a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that kills microorganisms and cures infections
What are the units in the biological world?
The Metric sys.
What is the lower size limit of the biological world?
.5mm and .209nm (virus)
What is the size limit of the free living cells?
.5 - 2mm (bacteria) and 10 - 50 mm (amoebas/paramecium)
What is the lower sixe limit of multicellular organisms?
100 mm (.1Mm)
What is the upper size limit of living organisms?
100 meters 200 tons
What are the characteristics of a prokaryotic cell?
Lacks a nucleus and organelles
What are the characteristics of a eukaryotic cell?
Contains membrane bound nucleus and organelles
What is the lower limit in the dimension of the physical world?
What is the upper limit in the dimension of the physical world?
In lungs where gas exchange occurs. Oxygen diffuses from air in the lungs to the blood, carbon dioxide diffuses from blood to the lungs.
consists of unicellular prokaryotes
What kingdoms are Eukaryotic cells found?
Protista, Fungi, Plantae, and Animalia
What kingdom are Prokaryotic cells found?
Monera (bacterial cell)
Why do cells have different sizes?
Because of differnt functions
List the order of the Metric system
Kilometer (10^3), Meter(10^0), Millimeter (10^-3), Micrometer (10^-6), Nanometer (10^-9)
Micro Invasion?
MicroOrganisms invade lungs ~> white blood cells respond ~> they leave blood vessels and enter lung air space ~> battle occurs (sneexing coughing fever runny nose)