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what is cellular respiratation?
a catabolic process where glucose is broken down in order to create ATP to be used as energy for other cellular processes
what are the 2 types of cellular respiration?
aerobic and anaerobic
what is anaerobic respiration?
the breakdown of glucose to creat ATP without the use of oxygen
what is aerobic respiration?
the breakdown of glucose in order to create ATP in the presence of oxygen
where does anaeobic respiration take place
the cytoplasm
what are the 2 steps of anaerobic respiration?
glycolysis and fementation
what is the purpose of glycolysis?
to break down one molecule of glucose into two
- 3 carbon molecules called pyruvate
what are the important totals of glycolysis?
2 ATP and 2 NADH
where does fermentation take place?
the cytoplasm
what are the 2 types of fermentation?
lactic acid and alcohol
what are the important products of lactic acid fermentation?
1 ATP and 1NADH
what are the important products of alcohol fermenation?
1ATP, 1NADH and 1 CO2
where does aerobic respiration take place?
in various parts of the cell
what is the overall chemical reaction of aerobic respiration?
6CO2+C6H12O6 -> 6CO2+6H2O+ATP
what are the three main steps of aerobic respiration?
glycolysis, krebs cycle, electron transport chain