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sum total of genetically based variety of all organisms in the biosphere 6.3
ecosystem diversity
variety of habitats, communities, and ecological processes in the living world.6.3
species diversity
number of different species in the biosphere.6.3
genetic diversity
sum total of all different forms of genetic info carried by all organisms living on earth today 6.3
when a species disappears from all or pard of its range 6.3
endangered species
a species whose population size is declining in a way that places it in danger of extinction6.3
habitat fragmentation
when development splits ecosystems into pieces , becoming biological 'islands' 6.3
biological magnification
concentration of harmful substance increase in organisms at higher trophic levels in a food chain or web

DDT example- explain 6.3
invasive species
species that get transported to a foreign area and reproduce rapidly, crowding out native species 6.3
the wise management of natural resources, including the preservation of habitats and wildlife 6.3