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animal behavior
what an animal does when interacting with its environment
immediate cause
explanation of an organism's behavior based on its immediate interactions with the environment
ultimate cause
explanation of an organism's behavior based on its evolutionary adaptations
innate behavior
behavior performed correctly and in the same way by all individuals of a species, without previous experience
fixed action pattern
innate behavior that occurs as an unchangeable sequence of actions
circadian rhythm
rhythmic pattern of behavior (in an animal) or biological cycle (in a plant) that follows an approximately 24-hour natural cycle
a change in behavior resulting from experience
type of learning in which an animal stops responding to a repeated stimulus that conveys little or no important information
a usually irreversible type of learning limited to a specific time period in an animal's life
type of learning in which a particular stimulus or response is linked to a reward or punishment
performing a behavior correctly or appropriately in a new situation, without previous experience
aggressive behavior
symbolic threat display or a physical struggle between individuals of the same species
dominance hierarchy
ranking of individuals in a group based on aggressive behavior
area defended by an individual, usually excluding other members of the same species
courtship ritual
elaborate behavior of individuals of the same species before mating
signals among animals that include sounds, odors, visual displays, and touches
group of behaviors in which individuals work together in a way that benefits the group