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Active prosses in a cell
use cell enerfgy
takes work
active transport
using cell's energy to make something against the natural flow of diffusion
proton pumps
make APT molecules in cell
sodium potassium pumps
most important energy usage in your body
transports sodium ions outside cell
coupled channels
carry sodium ions and food back into cells
cell membrane folds into pouch that surrounds the particle
cell membrane takes in food particles in a pouch
opposite prossess
waste and other products leave cell
direct- when cells are in direct physical contact with eachother
indirect- when cells aren't in direct contact
endocrime system
makes chemical signals called hormones
chemicals that allow electrical messages to pass between nurve cells
special protiens on cells surface that pass messages to cell
gated chanels
open and close like a gate
chemically gated
opens and closes depending on binding of a chemical
voltage gated channels
channels that use small signals of electricity rather then chemicals