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The ______ hypothesis states that the extinction of the dinosaurs was facilitated by a large _______ hitting Earth.
(Alvarez, asteroid)
A very accurate way to date living and non-living material using the predicted decay of certain elements is called __________.
(radiometric dating)
The element _________ is often used for dating very old objects like the Earth, because it has a half-life of over 4.5 billion years.
The _______ is a part of Earth’s history when the planet was constantly bombarded with meteors and the surface was liquid rock.
(magma ocean)
The ______ catastrophe occurred when the heavy elements sunk to the core of early Earth.
The magnetic field of Earth protects us against the ________ which is radiation given off by our sun.
(solar wind)
The collision between Earth and a Mar’s sized planetoid created our ______.
Two sources of the water on our planet are likely from ________ and ________.
(volcanoes, comets)
Early life on Earth is hypothesized to be similar to life surrounding _________ in the deep oceans, where energy from hydrogen sulfide is used.
(hydrothermal vents)
The amount of oxygen in our current atmosphere is a result of billions of years of photosynthesis by ___________.
Evidence suggests that Earth and the ___________ ___________ were formed at the same time.
(Solar System)
In radiometric dating scientists determine the amount of time required for _____ of the radioactive element to be converted into product.
___________ has a ½ life of 5703 years, which makes it suitable to date ________ samples.
(Carbon-14, young)
Earth’s liquid iron core flows and rotates gave rise to the ___________ _________, which protects us from solar winds.
(magnetic field/ or electro-magnetic shield)
The first life on Earth lived in a very hostile environment, where bacteria survived only deep below the surface by extracting chemical energy from ______________ ____________
(hydrogen sulfide)
The cooling of Earth’s crust occurred ____________ in earth’s formation.
The atmosphere on Earth reached _________ oxygen about 560million years ago.