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In ____________, ATP production is very low and there is a buildup of lactic acid as a byproduct.
(Anaerobic respiration)
In aerobic respiration ________ is broken down in to water and _________.
(glucose, CO2)
__________ is required for aerobic respiration.
In anaerobic respiration glucose is broken down into __________ _________.
(lactic acid)
In the Nazi gas chambers, __________ was used to cause death as this gas which blocks the enzyme that transfers hydrogen to oxygen.
(Hydrogen cyanide)
Hydrogen cyanide inhibits ________ _________ by blocking the enzyme that transfers hydrogen to oxygen.
(aerobic respiration)
When you eat food, your body utilizes the __________ within it to make carbon dioxide and water.
In physical exercise ________ provides the chemical energy to power muscle contractions.
Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions but remain __________ themselves.
_________ are proteins that facilitate biochemical reactions.
Your body is only a temporary home for hydrogen, oxygen, and _________ atoms.
The French scientist, Antoine Laviosier, developed the Law of ________________to describe the fact that matter cannot be created nor destroyed.
(Conservation of Matter)