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Memory that allows us to remember a phone number just long enough to make a call is known as ________ memory.
As seen in Jeremy's case, the portion of the brain responsible for short-term memory is the ________.
The type of memory that results from visual, auditory or olfactory input is known as _________.
Long-term momory results from a process known as LTP, stands for ______________.
Long-term potentiation
Long-term memory is stored in the columns of neurons found in the ___________.
Cerebral Cortex
The part of the brain responsible for integrating short-term and long-term is the __________ lobe.
The type of memory that we have conscious awareness of accessing is known as ____________ memory.
Declarative or Explicit.
The type of declarative memory that is associated with words and numbers is known as __________ memory.
The type of declarative memory that is associated with emotions and sensation is known as _________ memory.
The type of memory that is acquired and recalled subconsciously is known as __________ memory.
Procedural or implicit
Procedural memory is usually associated with motor activities and is acquired through _________ of an activity.
In the early to mid 1900's, people with mental illness were given a treatment where their frontal lobes were destroyed, a procedure known as prefrontal ________.
The large hippocampi found in London cab drivers are indicator of better than average _________ memory.
Visual/ spatial
As seen in the case of Bill the laywer, the ability to think ahead and predict consquences of one's actions exisits in the _________ lobe of the brain.
The adding on to animal brains during evolution has resulted in the ________ nature of the human brain.
Sensory memory generally lasts for less than _________.
1 second
If not processed further into long-term memory, short-term memory only lasts for a few _________.