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The main avenue that we use to acquire information about the external world is ________.
Contrary to popular belief, we do not see with our but actually with our _________.
90% of all information that enters our eyes is recognized only by our __________.
Our ability to focus our vision is dependent on muscles changing the shape of the _________.
Incoming images are sharply focused on the back surface of the eye known as the _________.
To cushion it against external pressure and shock, the eye is filled with gelatinous liquid known as the __________.
Vitreous Humor
The cells lining the retina that are responsible for sensing monochrome vision are know as __________ cells.
Visual processing is a complex process that involves up to ________ of the human brain.
Almost 2/3 of all neurons in the human brain are located in teh "mammalian brain," otherwise known as the ________.
Cerebral cortex
Basic physiological processes such as breathing and digestion are controlled by the __________.
Brain Sterm
The human midbrain, which is involved in the fight or flight response, is also known as the _________ brain.
The portion of the brain where visual information is processed is known as the _________.
Visual cortex
The visual cortex is located in the ________ lope of the brain.
The left occipital lobe receives visual information from the _________ eye.
Blind sight results not from the primary visual pathways involving the visual cortex but through another pathway found in the __________ brain.
Reptilian or Midbrian
The ability of athletes to sense other players and make passes without looking is a result of exceptional ________.
In humans, language originates in the ________ side of the brain while motor skills originate in the __________ side.
Left, Right
The bundle of nerve cells that carries visual information from the eye to the visual cortex is known as the _________.