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Scientists assign each kind of oirganism a universally accepted name in the system known as..
Binomial Nomenclature.
Sometimes, organisms that are not closely related look similar because of..
covergent Evolution.
What is true about dissimilar organisms such as a cow and a yeast?
Their Degree of relatedness
A method called Gram staining is used to tell
What kind of cell a prokaryote has.
A lytic infection concludes with the..
bursting of the host cell.
Unlike lytic viruses, lysogenic viruses do NOT
lyse the host cell right away.
During lytic infection, the host cell is
Zooflagellates may live in lakes and streams, we they.
Absorb food through thier cell membrane.
The sporozoan Plamodium causes the desiese known as
The tangle mass that makes up the boddy os a fungus is the
The vascular tissue in a plant's stem
is continuous from the roots to da leaves.
The attraction of water molecules to other molecules is called
Water will move higher in a narrow glass tube than a wide glass tube because of
Capillary action.
Which organ is used by a cow 2 feed her newborn calf?
Mammary Gland
The first true mamals appered during the
Late triassic Period.